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Connecting foreign startups and Japanese enterprises


Japan is changing. Today, even traditional Japanese companies are reaching out to startups. Many large firms now realize that partnering with startups is the best way to innovate and maintain their competitiveness in the future.

Creww is at the center of one of largest startup communities in Japan. We are a startup ourselves, and we run events and help startups recruit staff and raise funds. We also run some of the best corporate open innovation program in Japan.


We work with early-stage and mid-stage startups to help them find the talented people, the right investors and the strategic partners they need to really grow and succeed in Japan.


Not all investors are created equal, and all money comes with strings attached. We help startups connect the investors most suitable to their growth stage, industry and ambitions.


When you need to get the word out about your startup in Japan we can help. any of Japan’s most innovative startups rely on Creww to help them stand out and get noticed.

Enterprise Customers

Some of Japan’s most famous brands trust us to set up their open innovation programs and accelerators. Japan Inc is realizing that startups are the future.

※ If you are a startup interested in the Japanese market, please contact us.

Japanese Government and Foreign Embassy Programs

Bringing the best overseas technology to Japanese government and industry


Creww and Google co-hosted an open forum for leading startups and government policy makers to exchange ideas and objectives. The discussion was often more direct than you see at these kinds of events in Japan, but both the startup founders and the government policy makers expressed a great desire to collaborate and agreed that the biggest gains come from working together.


Creww, working with the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry, co-produced the “IoT Startup Showcase” as part of CEATEC JAPAN. The event involved exhibits and presentations from promising IoT startups along with planned (and private) discussions between innovative IoT startups and major corporations. Creww also worked with Nippon TV on their Sensors project to explore the use of new technology in traditional media.


We work to connect a huge range of startup organizations. We work with both private and corporate incubators and accelerators from around the world and help startups collaborate globally. We also work with foreign embassies and trade missions in Tokyo to help them introduce the best startups their country has to offer to suitable Japanese partners.

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